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See The Country Where Petrol Is Cheaper Than Water

Petrol is a very important and the most used commodity in every economy. Petrol is used by every industry. The prices of petrol varies from place to place but countries with large oil reserves offer cheaper petrol than countries which import the petrol. 

 There are some countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia where the prices of petrol is lesser than the price of water. 

Kuwait is a lesser known Arabic country which is between iraq and Saudi Arabia. Kuwait is known for its peace, stability and safety amid a turbulent region. The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued currency in the world. 

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the middle east. It is bordered by Iraq, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has one of the youngest populations in the world. 

 A major factor which makes petrol cheaper than water in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia is the fact that there are large oil reserves in the countries and the availability of water as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are desert regions.