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Niger Delta Militant Group Resurrects …Plans To Bomb All Oil Facilities In One Day

Niger Delta militant group was the then terrorist group that has perturbed the peace of the nation through almost three successive government who has ruled the nation.

The militant group was well known for their continuous invasion of oil facilities across the Niger Delta region and beyond, causing havoc on the facilities and also kidnapping some of the oil prominent oil workers, requiring the government or the company of the victim to pay a huge sum of ransom to free the hostage from their nets.

Starting in October 2012, Nigeria experienced a large spike in piracy off its coast. By early 2013 Nigeria became the second most-pirated nation in Africa, after Somalia. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta is thought to be behind most of the attacks. Since October 2012, MEND has hijacked 12 ships, kidnapped 33 sailors, and killed 4 oil workers.

Since this started the United States has sent soldiers to train Nigerian soldiers in maritime tactics against pirates. Since these 33 pirates have been captured. Although the Nigerian Navy now has learned new tactics to use against pirates, attacks still occur on an almost regular basis.

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Since 2006, militant groups in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, especially the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), have resorted to taking foreign employees of oil companies hostage. More than 200 foreigners have been kidnapped since 2006, though most were released unharmed.

Upon the constant attack of the terrorist group, the administration of Nigeria’s late president, Former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua signed the amnesty pardon bill after his consultation with Nation Council of States. The amnesty programme lasted for 60 days, starting from August 6, 2009, to October 4 2009.

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Due to the inability of the government of bringing the militant group to a halt on their constant attack on oil wells and pipelines, which was by far affecting the production output of the petroleum products, the amnesty programme was introduced as an unconditional pardon for the militant groups.

The programmed proved to be successful. But as of today, May 6 2019, the Nigeria Police has exposed a plan by some grievous Niger Delta Militant group to invade, sabotage and bomb oil facilities across the nation at the same day in other to destroy and collapse the economy of the nation.

Pointer News report that IGP, Mohammad Adamu made this known in a public address to newsmen. According to Adamu, upon the knowledge, he has requested that security be intensified in parts of the states that have more chances of being a victim of the destructive plot by the militant group, especially, Delta, Bayelsa, Edo, Rivers and others.

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“The Commissioners of Police and other field Commanders have also been directed to put in place proactive measures aimed at neutralizing these subversive threats and bringing the plotters to book. The IGP warned of dire consequences for persons or group of persons who may want to resort, to the use of violence or threat of violence, in advancing their political or economic goals.

“While urging citizens to remain vigilant, report all suspicious characters and plots to the law enforcement agents, the IGP reaffirms his commitment to ensuring the adequate security of lives, the protection of national assets and the protection of the sanctity of our political freedom and democracy.