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I’ve Never Heard Of Good Govt In Nigeria – Andrew Young

Former  United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young, has  said he is unhappy  at the  criticism of  successive governments in  Nigeria by  Nigerians, saying no system is perfect in the world.

He  also said  Nigerians “are willing to work hard, sacrifice and then give the fruits of their labour away to those who are less fortunate.”

Young spoke in Abuja on Thursday night during a dinner organised in his honour by the  founder of Emeka Offor Foundation, Sir Emeka Offor, to celebrate three years of no polio record  in Nigeria.

The event was attended by personalities including the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

Our correspondent had reported that on Wednesday August 21, Nigeria marked three years of large polio-free virus.

Young said, “You (Nigerians) always complain about every government you’ve had. I have never heard of a good government in Nigeria; something is wrong with everybody. Well, let’s face the fact, the world has not been and will never be perfect.

“But there have been people who have come further, worked harder and produce more with less and suffered more problems than the people of Nigeria and the government that you have produced. South Africa would not be free today and Mandela would not have been out of jail if not for Nigeria.

“Disease is not respecter of persons, it doesn’t care what colour you are, it doesn’t care whether you are rich or poor, it doesn’t care where you live. Disease is a danger to all of us. One of the best answers to disease is good food.”

The civil rights icon and former mayor of Atlanta added, “You have to have good land and you have to protect and preserve the law, and you have to respect everybody’s rights and you have to learn to live together as brothers and sisters or we will perish together as fools.

“Nigerians are not fools, Nigerians are some of the brilliant people I have met and Nigerian people are willing to work hard, sacrifice and then give the fruits of their labour away to those who are less fortunate. That is why I respect Sir Emeka Offor because he has done it.”

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Friday that education and health remained the best assets to give to the people.

He spoke in Abuja when Young visited him at the Presidential Villa.