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Task Force Frowns At Burning Of Loaded Vessels In Port Harcourt

The Secretary of Rivers State petroleum taskforce, Ihunwo Obi Wali has advised the Nigerian Navy and other security agencies against burning of vessels loaded with illegal petroleum products.

Mr Ihunwo made the observations while debunking the alleged aiding and abating of bunkery activities by the petroleum taskforce, saying that the continues burning of the vessels and tankers loaded with petroleum products will help to increase the number of shoot in Port harcourt and its environment, suggesting that the illegal products should be returned back to the refinery so as it will be refined for better use.

He maintained that his committee has been in operation for the past three years and had not received any complain of malpractices from the public against any of their members, adding that they carry out routine check both at the inland and up land in collaboration with the military and other security agencies, especially the Civil Defence who are basically in charge of the bunkery activities and give recommendations to the Rivers state government.

“My office takes disciplinary action against any of our members that misbehaves or compromises on their duties. Though there’s no organisation without bad eggs, we have sacked some who misbehaved. We have check points in all strategic positions across the state.

“There’s no two petroleum taskforce in Rivers State but because its oil related, we cannot rule out the activities of the touts who organised themselves as taskforce.

Most of them claim they are from federal government. Some claim ministry of Interior as well as ministry of commerce, and they don’t relate to us”.

He alleged that most of the groups go about extorting the tanker drivers in the name of the taskforce and lamented that they don’t have the power over them because they were constituted by the federal government agencies.

He, however, said that his committee can report any group they suspect to be fake to the police.