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Every observer of global development has remarked that the ambitious Dangote refinery project will be one of the most outstanding marks of progress in the world, particularly as the project is set to tackle a major development issue in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

However, there is palpable fear currently that some contractors, like Omiti Engineering, working on the multi-billion dollars Dangote Refinery project could slow down the achievement of its lofty goals and make a mess of its great vision.

Yes, It is an established fact that one of the greatest motivations for work and productivity in the workplace is decent remuneration. That is, when employees are given wages that are commensurate to the enormous inputs and contributions they make towards the success of an organisation or a project.

But it seems Omiti Engineering, headed by the Managing Director, Nduka Nwosu, is totally and dangerously averse to the foregoing truism, which is central to a rewarding employee-employer relationship in any organisation.

It is well known that Omiti Engineering is one of the contractors handling major projects at the site of the under-construction Dangote Refinery in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

But the manner with which Omiti has been handling the work allocated to it on the site, particularly in relation to its workers, has called to question the company’s suitability for such critical engineering work and exposed its MD’s very poor human resources management credentials.

Omiti’s alleged poor management capacity, which has already brought misfortune and misery to the lives of his workers, is sadly also presently impacting negatively on the pace of work on the site of the much-talked-about refinery.

“We are literally dying right now. We have been completely starved of funds that will help to procure essential materials and sufficiently engage experts to effectively run important engineering work allocated to Omiti Engineering on the Dangote Refinery site. And this is unfortunately so because the MD of Omiti, Nduka Nwosu, cares only for himself and his pocket.

” That’s why he has been treating the sub-contractors and the workers he got for the job like slaves. Right now, the Dangote site is like a concentration camp prepared for labour slaves.

“The good work we’ve done so far on the site has not been paid for. Some of our workers are presently down with debilitating illnesses. Others can no longer fulfill their obligations at home as heads of the family and many of their children are sent out of school due to the wickedness and gross insensitivity of Nduka Nwosu of Omiti.

“It’s even shocking to hear that after having received our payments from the Dangote Group and spent it, Nwosu has gone to recruit incompetent hands to be working on such a massive and highly sensitive Dangote project, which will potentially harm Dangote’s multi-billion dollars investment,” a sub-contractor who preferred anonymity said.

The sub-contractor also added that Nwosu Allegedly runs a cartel which includes the Chairman of Omiti who is his brother, Orji Nwosu; the Executive Director, Orok Hogan and the Chief Financial Officer, Uguru Onyike.

Truly, this looks like a pattern with the information so far provided by four sub-contractors working with Omiti that this medium has spoken with. The sub-contractors are ready to give certified documents of their engagement with Omiti and further expose the unethical practices of the organisation when the need arose.

Without doubt, this is certainly not a situation Dangote Group would like to be associated with, given that the company’s much-vaunted commitment to global best practices which cover decent corporate governance and competitive employee rewards and welfare are its major badges of honour in the circle of leading global corporations.

Therefore, it is hoped that efforts will be made to nip the ill business tendencies of Omiti in the bud as soon as possible to avert greater damages and negative impacts particularly on the Dangote Refinery project.

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