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GAS: Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano pipeline project begins

The talked about gas pipeline consteuction linking Ajaokuta to Abuja, to Kaduna, then to Kano has begun. The investment will see new gas power plants in Abuja, Kaduna, and Kano that will greatly improve electricity generation in the country.

This will also increase industrialization of the north as gas fired industries will spring up across the region. There is also the concern of the gas fired plants going the way of the Kaduna refinery with disruptions in supply of raw materials every now and then.

Gas supply from the Niger-Delta already channeled to Ajaokuta, will continue northwards all the way to Kano, boosting industrial production.

This is another attempt to fully utilize Nigeria’s enormous gas reserve. In terms of oil and gas reserve, Nigeria is said to be an Island of oil in an ocean of gas. That is to say that Nigeria’s gas reserve is far larger than her oil reserve. Therefore, any effort to utilize the gas for the betterment of her citizens is highly commendable.

There is also the issue of gas flaring which this project will greatly address. Gas flaring has been a major problem in the Niger-Delta since the production of oil started.

Another major project that will greatly increase gas utilization in the country is the Dangote refinery, which is already building a pipeline connecting the complex to gas fields in the Niger-Delta. More projects like this will help end gas flaring in the Niger-Delta and save the environment.

SOURCE: operanewshub