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‘Entanglements’ In Big Brother Naija

Entaglement is the new jargon in the Nigerian entertainment space currently.
The word is used to mean a sort of intimate relationship is basically meant to be for ‘fun’.

The phrase started as a result of the recent love escapades played out in Season 5 of the Big Brother Naija show.

The Big brother Naija show tagged “Big Brother Naija Lockdown” for this year has been experiencing some cozy activities among house mates.

Showmax, an internet television had already stated that the ongoing Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) show had become the most popular entertainment live stream on that platform.

Showmax stated that  development had proved that local content definitely had cross-border appeal.

The television service drew audiences in Nigeria and other countries across the continent.

“The Big Brother Naija Lockdown which started July 19, 2020 had already broken a Showmax live-streaming record and become the most-watched live entertainment content ever on the streaming service.

“If watched back to back, the collective number of hours of the show streamed this season already add up to almost 30 years’ worth of viewing.

“Interestingly, a significant portion of the viewing is happening outside of Nigeria,” it said.

Showmax is an internet television service with combination of hot African content, exclusive International series, kids’ shows and live sport from SuperSport.

Showmax was established in 2015 with services available throughout the sub-Saharan Africa.

However, the Minister of Information and Culture in Nigeria, Lai Mohammed came out recently with a shocker that Big Brother show should be banned, which angered many Nigerians.

Entertainment Industry lashed out at the minister, asking why he didn’t stop the show before it began, but allowed it to kickstart before calling for its ban.

Mohammed had said the show promoted promiscuity in the society and serves as a bad precedent to the youthful population.
Similarly, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) lent similar voice calling for the ban of the show.

Although the show contains scenes of supposed sexual intercourse, and other romantic acts, many Nigerian youthful population have embraced the show, with reports saying many spend a whole day watching the show without getting tired.

Others also believe that the show gives them some sort of reprieve from the many troubles inherent in the country.

With the show airing over a month, housemates have formed bond while others have formed intimate relationships.

It appears another relationship has been finally sealed in the Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) house as the ship of Erica and Kiddwaya have begun to sail once again.
Kiddwaya’s and Erica’s ship nearly sunk after Erica confronted Kiddwaya about how he’s been flirting with the other female housemates. Although Erica disclosed to Big Brother that she has a strong connection with Laycon, it seems Erica is attracted to Kiddwaya.

The two love birds had a deep heart to heart conversation and Erica finally agreed to date Kiddwaya after he managed to convince her.

However, Erica gave him some terms and conditions to safeguard her heart from being broken. She told Kiddwaya to stop flirting with the other female housemates in the house and if he abide by that, she will officially date him.

It appears there is a potential ‘ship’ about to sail in the Big Brother Naija house and some fans are here for it. Tolani Baj and fellow housemate, Prince, recently had a heart-to-heart conversation that ended up with them sleeping together.

Recall some time back, Tolani Baj had made her feelings for Prince known but he let her know it wasn’t reciprocated and fans hailed the ebony black beauty for how well she took it. Tolani Baj and Prince spent the night together, although it is not clear if they had sexual intercourse, the CCTV camera captured some movements under the duvet as they both cuddled up.


The same scenerio had played out between Praise, a housemate who is engaged to his fiancee and Katrina, a 27 year old divorcee.
The eve before Katrina’s eviction, she was caught on camera with Praise supposedly having intimacy under the white clothed duvet in the house.

Instagram Prince who had a thing for Nengi seems to have switched base as he was seen in the garden having a talk with Tolani who sat on his lap and had her arm around his neck.

Despite refusing to sleep in his bed, the couple spent the night in each other’s arms, in her bed.

Judging by this new love entanglement with Tolani Baj, it appears Prince is fed up with Nengi’s attitude of jumping from him to another housemate Ozo.

In a late-night conversation with Laycon and Trickytee, Prince revealed how he feels about the fact that Nengi hasn’t been able to choose whether she wants to stay with him or Ozo. BBNaija news today brings you the latest in the house, according to him, such character doesn’t make any sense and he can’t continue to be in such space anymore.

Meanwhile, Erica and Laycon have finally sorted how they feel for each other as they recently had a conversation around it. In the video online, Erica was spotted with Laycon as they talked about their feelings for each other: It all started when Laycon asked Erica if she was attracted to him. The young woman answered that she only had a mental attraction for him.

Nengi and Ozo tagged the ‘cutest’ couple in the big brother Naija Season 5 ‘Lockdown’ show are currently enjoying their best moments in the house.

However, there’s been lots of controversy as to why the 22 year old former beauty queen and reality tv star wants to have her cake and eat it.

She stated that she was seeing someone outside the house, but if she came out of the show to find out her boyfriend had moved on, then Ozo who was attracted to her, was an option she would be willing to try.

The Bayelsa native further disclosed that everyone paired she and Ozo together as though they were already a couple, when they were just friends and she’s getting to know him better.

Meanwhile, Ozo has always not hidden his love for Nengi as he was always fond of her although many felt the love was not being reciprocated.

Vee and Neo is one of the entangelments going on in the house which has aroused interest by Nigerians.

Vee began the discussion by reflecting on her past relationships and the impact it had made in her dating life alongside the choices she needed to make in life.

She said Neo “gave her heads up on the impending pressure that will be exhibited in the house”, while adding that he (Neo) lectured her on the reason why they were in the house and cautioned her on not allowing herself to be distracted by anyone, insisting that she should keep her eyes on the money like he was doing.

He assured her of being with her though he felt one of them may inherit the other’s enemy because people had already started making negative pictures of others in the house but regardless of that, he still got her back.


Subsequently, Bright O, a housemate in the house had bared his mind on the duo’s relationship which he felt was genuine
While discussing with Neo and Laycon in the kitchen on August 14, Bright O said he felt Neo and Vee’s relationship was the most genuine in the House.

“All these things wey dey happen for this house ehn, the only relationship wey I feel say e get head na una (Neo and Vee) own.

“I dey even talk am where other people wey dey relationship dey. The only relationship wey I feel say e fit work out na una own. I don tell you (Neo) before na. You fit no see am oh but me I dey see am,” Bright O tells Neo,” he said.

As it stood, the love relationships were believed to be still in it’s formative stage as the game progresses.

Many Nigerians still have their fingers crossed and expect more ‘Entanglements’ as the dynamics of the show keeps unfolding.