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Dangote Pledges Constant Jet A1 Supply At N980/litre

By Adaobi Rhema Oguejiofor

The Chairman of Dangote Industries, Aliko Dangote, has promised to work with Nigerian airlines in order to ensure the supply of aviation fuel at a uniform price of N980 per litre to all airports across the country.

Dangote made this known while receiving a delegation of the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) at the Company headquarters of in Lagos.

The chairman of the aviation body, Abdulmunaf Sarina, speaking during the visit, appealed to Dangote requesting that he makes it possible for domestic airlines in the country to start getting aviation fuel directly from the Dangote refinery at an affordable price.

Sarina noted that it is a known fact that the aviation sector is a catalyst to drive any economy as no economy can grow without air links in the world today and the aviation sector provides these links.

In his words, “AON has kept the wheels of the Nigerian economy rolling for over 20 years, thereby contributing to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and creating jobs for a teeming Nigerian population.

“Air transportation is a crucial enabler of the Nigerian socio-economic landscape. It facilitates the movement of business personnel, serves as a key input into fast-growing industries, such as oil and gas, telecommunications, and agriculture and allows the vital interactions necessary to sustain many modern, high technology service industries.

The AON Chairman added that Nigerian airlines are currently facing serious problems, which include the present forex scarcity and increased cost of buying forex at over N1000 against the dollar, as well as the skyrocketing cost of jet fuel at N1700 per litre, noting that these issues have further worsened the situation, threatening to cripple airline operations in the country.

“To this end, we would like to use this opportunity to extend our interest in partnering with your highly esteemed organisation so that domestic airlines in the country can start getting aviation fuel directly from the Dangote refinery at an affordable price,” he expressed.

In response to AON’s request, Dangote promised that the company would collaborate with the AON to ensure that they not only get the fuel at the reduced rate of N980 per litre, but that he will make efforts to ensure the fuel is sold at a uniform price at the airports across the country.