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A-Z of Personality Branding Part 5: Originality

By Emmanuella Edun-Adedeji.

One beautiful characteristic about a greater part of nature is that it is constant, and that’s where its strength and continuity lies, however we can’t really say so about the act pattern of the human specie.

Every other aspect of nature apart from the homo sapiens aspect are contented with their make up. Each one acts according to the irritability assigned to each .

It’s only in humanity you find an African trying by all means to be a Caucasian or Mongolian and sometimes vice versa. It is only in humanity you find a man or woman trans-gendered.

There seems to be so much confusion everywhere… Originality means being confident in your skin and all that makes you tick. It is not being satisfied with your flaws or not making an attempt to grow, rather it is accepting that you are unique, it is accepting your tribe, country, continent, color, abilities, talents …with glee.

I will never get tired of saying that we all have a unique space, and selling point on planet earth, even identical twins have glaring, unchanging disparities… In Nigeria, we seem to be suffering from an everyone is doing it so I should syndrome.

No! No! No! If you strive to act like someone else, the most you’ll attain is second best. A synonym of Originality is distinctiveness, now tell me who despises distinctiveness.

The issue with most is that they lack the resilience to stand their ground, but I tell you, all the outstanding people would have lost their bearing with such a mindset. I once came across a quote that read ” No matter the economy of the jungle, the lion can never eat grass, it’s not pride, it’s called self respect”! That is Originality at play here.

The Chinese are taking over the world because they stuck to their roots. They believe in everything that defines them. Their culture, cuisine, inventions… Nigerians on the other hand are lagging behind because we are porous. We’ve been infiltrated greatly.

An average Nigerian believes that everything Nigerian is inferior and everything foreign is superior, this should not be! Nigerians in the Diaspora are wielding amazing feats, a pointer that there’s great potential in us as a people.

I reiterate, “If you try to be someone else the most you’ll attain is second best”!
There’s a stanza from my poem A Wonder Of HIS Hands, that I love so much: I am a peculiar masterpiece, cause no two of me in this world exists. None else shares my fingerprint.

My uniqueness is clear as Crystal and fresh as mint. I used to appreciate artificialism at a certain point in my life, but when I became wiser I disdained for the simple reason that it’s all a facade.

That artificial hair, nail, lashes, buttocks… can never be yours, once the artificial wears out, the original falls back in, so why go gaga over something that’s short-lived???

Self discovery and acceptance is what fuels Originality and it takes thus to unleash a person into a world of distinction. It’s abnormal for a goat to act like a lion or want to covet the attributes of a lion and vice versa.

Be committed to truth, be committed to substance, your perception is your reality, be who you were created to be, be Original!