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A-Z of Personality Branding Part 4: Confidence

By Emmanuella Edun-Adedeji.

A former boss once told me that I am assertive. He said I’d look him in the eyes and stand firm on what I believe. He confessed that he found that trait admirable and it is characteristic of a trail-blazer.

In the journey of life, confidence is paramount, without it, a person can’t be distinct or distinguished.

Every human being is a solution to a particular need, unfortunately, a lot of people fail to realize this, so a lot of potentials end up unharnessed.

I’ve shook hands with some very prominent people, the richest woman in the world of African descent, Mrs Folorunso Alakija, was once my praying partner. I went to her lunch time prayer program one fateful day and sat on a chair directly behind her, I went long before the prayer meeting started because I wanted to achieve that, and an extra was added to my intention. We were told to hold hands with our neighbors and pray and she turned to me.

When we held hands and looked into each other’s eyes, I was the least shy, I looked straight into her eyes and made my declarations, she’s as human as I am afterall.

A lot of people mistake arrogance for confidence, they are far apart. Arrogance makes to look down on others, it’s actually borne out of inferiority complex, it is a front to cover up an undesirable inadequacy, it is a negative vibe and quite unproductive.

Confidence on the other hand, is a belief in one-self within justifiable bounds… It is the ability to hold on to your convictions even in the face of intimidation.

In life, there are leaders and there are followers, without confidence, there’s no possibility of being a leader, pacesetter, trail-blazer, pathfinder… Those that have their names written on the sands of time are those who stood by their worthy convictions.

All the inventions we presently enjoy are because some certain people were confident enough to believe in their ideas, even though such seemed stupid at the time of inception. When Thomas Edison, of blessed memory, came up with the idea of the light bulb, it was scorned at!

A British Parliament committee noted in 1878 that Edison’s light bulb idea was “good enough for our transatlantic friends, but unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men” similarly, a chief engineer for the British Post office said that the sub division of the electric light is an absolute “Ignis Fatuus”, in other words a fairy tale, a sham…

What about the airplane? In 1911, Ferdinand Foch, a French general and allied Commander during world war I, said “Airplanes are interesting scientific toys, but are of no military value”, I could go on and on…

The bottom line is that we are all uniquely crafted, that’s why our finger prints are distinct, every human is a wonder, a masterpiece, irrespective of earthly estate.
Our positions on earth are primarily determined by time and chance, at the end of the day, naked we came in and naked we’ll go out.

There’s this quote I love so much and it says “People may doubt your ability, just don’t be one of them”. Confidence is boldness in display and more often than not, it yields one the robe of fulfillment.

Confidence is deep-rooted belief in a worthy conviction. Arrogance is forging ahead in an unreasonable, unrealistic cause, even when it’s glaring you’re on the wrong path, spot the difference.

Believe in yourself and the mission you were created for on earth, embark on the route of self discovery and even though you live deep in the woods, the clout you’re destined to serve (be a service provider to), will make a beaten path to your doorstep.

None can make you feel inferior without your consent, always walk and work with your head held high, knowing you’re a masterpiece of GOD’s creation.