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A-Z of Personality Branding: CONSISTENCY

-By Emmanuella Edun-Adedeji

Personality branding is the act of not just being yourself, but being your best self. Certain schools of thought lay emphasis on being one self, but the onus is on being your best self.

Nothing of great worth is borne out of flimsiness, that is why care must be taken to define one self and carve a positive niche for one.

Branding in itself is the act of being outstanding, having that unique selling point that can’t be disputed…

In the course of personality branding, consistency is fundamental.

I chose it as the foundation of this series because it is the chip that fastens all the other knots.

Consistency is the art of resilience, steadfastness, stability, constancy, in any field of endeavour.

It is the ability to have an unchanging personality through thick or thin.

It is having a vouchable and predictable character.

Without consistency in business, that business is bound to hit the rocks.

Consistency is a character any person desiring to achieve sustainable success must possess.

Like Shawn McKnight said and I quote; “ When feedback is included as part of regular, ongoing performance discussions throughout the year, the employee, manager and the organisation are all better off”.

When feedback is regularly given about an individual or organisation, will the feedback have elements of stability?

Consistency is to your life, what nature is to us.

If you take a look at nature, you’ll realize that everything has a distinctive pattern.
Consistency leads to productivity.

Dwayne Johnson also quipped; Success isn’t all about greatness, it’s all about consistency, consistent hard work leads to success, greatness will come…

What is your input on the task given or goal set?

How well are you standing firm on that purpose? How much of your best are you contributing?

What is that unique selling point that anyone can take to the bank?

Nature makes progress because of consistency.

I have never seen a goat today that became a lion tomorrow, I have never seen a seed of corn, germinate to become a coconut.

When you have a positive constant way of doing things, your fame will spread far and wide…

Another point worthy of note is that consistency will make you stand firm even in moments of trial.

Thomas Edison failed in the project of the incandescent light bulb 999 times, if he didn’t follow through the wouldn’t be in the hall of fame as its inventor.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it’s what we do consistently- Tony Robbins.

Don’t be a lion today and a rabbit tomorrow, don’t be a jack of all trade and a master of none.

Society will always clamour for that person they can believe in, that person or organisation that has unshifting principles.

Consistency is a goal in the field of Success!