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-By Aisha Sambo

Podcast has become big business, and in this post-serial audio world, celebrities, academics, scientists, journalists and anyone really who owns a mixing desk and microphone can create their own podcast show. The quality is generally high but some efforts can still become a hit and miss with thousands of new podcasts emerging every year. Fear not, I am here to help guide you through the best podcasts out there. Let’s start with my top three favourite Podcasts at the moment.

  1. The Knowledge Project Podcast with Shane Parrish
    The Knowledge Project Podcast is one of the top podcasts in the world. The show aims to create world-class multidisciplinary education by exploring the ideas, lessons, and methods that help us truly understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. I love this podcast because of the range and diversity in the topics. If you are a sapiosexual this is the podcast for you. #ListenAndLearn
  2. Not Your African Cliché
    Four young Nigerian women describe themselves as having “a mutual disgust for ignorant comments about our continent”. Yes, Africa is a continent not a country. They are highly opinionated and hold the most interesting conversations on misrepresentation in Africa, no more Disney and National Geography telling our stories. The podcast aims to create a platform that fights Africa’s single story, and it does it well. Join Ify, Yeka O, Ife and Amayo on their mission to changing the Africa narrative.
  3. The Young God Pod by Rodney Omeokachie

This one just got added to my list this week! The host, Rodney Omeokachie, curates ideas, stories, and conversations that explore the creative mindset. It challenges both the host and listeners to explore new ways of thinking about their personal development aspirations and the ways they wish to impact the world. The best version of ourselves is only a mindset away and Rodney delivers the message in a unique style. Deep thoughts, big questions with an unexpected dose of pop culture, history and, realness.
I featured on Rodney’s podcast and you can listen to it HERE. Honestly one of the most relaxed recorded conversations I’ve ever had. A conversation about life, business and creativity, my journey towards creating myself, through the launch of my own sunglasses brand (SHUSHI), my plans for a production company and my past experience working at PwC and co-hosting TEDxMaitama.