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Nigeria still using same transformers since ’60s

Nigeria still using same transformers since '60s - FG decries decay in power sector  [nigeriaelectricityhub]
Nigeria still using same transformers since ’60s – FG decries decay in power sector [nigeriaelectricityhub]

The Federal Government has said that gas pipelines have been vandalised, causing a reduction in power generation capacity.

Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu disclosed this during an inter-ministerial briefing held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja on Friday, April 5, 2024.

Adelabu highlighted the deterioration of infrastructure as a major factor impeding the government’s efforts to provide adequate power for Nigerians.

“All our gas pipelines are bad. There has been vandalisation of the gas pipelines; there will be a lack of adequate pressure on the gas pipelines where we need compressors and boosters.

“The generating companies’ plants are also deteriorating. They are obsolete. For the transmission companies, the lines were installed over 50 years ago, the cables are weak, the towers are falling and people are vandalising them. Transformers are also weak. I have seen a transformer that was labelled ECN (Electricity Company of Nigeria) which means that it was installed in the ’60s; it has not been replaced,” the Minister said.

Adelabu’s comments come amid national condemnation of the recent decision by the Federal Government to increase electricity tariff.

The National Electricity Regulatory Agency (NERC) said on Wednesday that Band A consumers – customers who enjoy at least 20 hours of daily power supply – will henceforth pay ₦225 per kilowatt-hour against the old rate of ₦68.

Many Nigerians deemed the move as part of the Federal Government’s grand plan to stop payment of subsidies on electricity.