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Niger Delta: What Will Likely Happen To Oil Thieves

“A valve is usually attached to the connected pipe so they can easily close it after stealing oil”

Nigeria loses many barrels of oil every year to thieves in the Niger Delta area of the country. This article will be looking at how people steal oil in Nigeria, and two things that’ll likely happen to them along the line.

Oil thieves usually attach pipes to the main pipelines, and this transfers oil to vessels that can easily be moved. These criminals use two main methods to steal oil from pipelines.

Hot tapping method

This method is also known as ‘under pressure drilling’. This method involves connecting pipes to a pipeline without stopping the flow of oil through that line.

Most oil thieves use this method on pipelines that go through swamps and river crossings. A valve is usually attached to the connected pipe so they can easily close it after stealing oil.

Cold tapping method

This method allows work to be performed on a section of the pipeline without flooding the line. A tap is performed on either end of the pipeline section, and plugs are inserted into the pipeline and inflated. Unlike hot tapping, the pressure on a pipeline is suppressed before cold tapping is performed.

Here are two things that’ll likely happen to oil thieves in Nigeria along the line.

1. They’ll be killed in an explosion

Stealing oil from pipelines is a very dangerous activity that can send you to the grave faster than expected.

There have been several cases in the South-South region where something went wrong during the process of stealing oil, leading to an explosion that cost the lives of everyone around there.

As an oil thief, your chances of getting killed due to an explosion is very high. This is why you need to desist from the act now you’re alive.

2. They’ll end up in jail if they escape being killed in an explosion.

If they don’t die in an explosion, they’ll likely be apprehended by the military.

The military is very good at tracking and arresting oil thieves, so their chance of escaping is very slim. Whichever angle you look at it, being an oil thief is not worth it. Many oil thieves are rotting in prison right now.

If you’re an oil thief, one of the two things mentioned above will happen if you continue.