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Niger-Benin pipeline: First drops of oil arrive at Sémè Kraké

Benin is expected to receive transit duties and tax revenues per quantity of Nigerien oil that gushes out at Sémè Kraké. The projection comes as the platform where the pipeline which connects the Agadem oil fields lands.

Last Sunday, Nigerien oil gushed out at Sémè Kraké in Benin raising hopes for at least 2,000 jobs for Benin. And according to a 2019 national petroleum plan, the conduit linking Koulele in Niger to the port of Seme in Benin will transform Niger into a significant regional oil producer and exporter.

Niger pumps around 20,000 b/d of oil, most of it from China National Petroleum Corp. projects in the Agadem Rift Basin in the country’s southeast. 

Niger is believed to be sitting on a billion barrels of crude reserves, according to the African Petroleum Producers’ Organization.

SOURCE: Africanews