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Lawmakers Should Be On Minimum Wage To Experience What Nigerians Are Facing – NLC Member

A member of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), speaking anonymously, has suggested that lawmakers should live on the minimum wage for a month to experience the hardships faced by ordinary Nigerians.

The NLC member emphasized that the current minimum wage of ₦30,000 is insufficient to cover basic needs such as food, rent, and education.

He argued that if lawmakers experienced this financial strain firsthand, they would better understand the difficulties faced by workers and their families.

The member highlighted the disparity between the lawmakers’ luxurious lifestyles and the suffering of the people they represent, urging them to prioritize the welfare of their constituents.

The NLC is currently in negotiations with the government for a new minimum wage. The union is demanding ₦494,000, while the government is offering ₦24,000, underscoring the significant gap between the two parties’ positions.

This call for lawmakers to experience life on minimum wage is part of a broader effort to highlight the urgent need for a livable wage in Nigeria.

SOURCE: Opera News