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How to prevent gas cylinder explosion in homes

The numerous cases of cooking gas cylinder explosion, has claimed many lives in Nigeria. With the dry Harmathan wind, the risk of fire accident is high.

These days we see that LPG is commonly utilized in nearly every industry, households and others for obvious reasons like affordability, utility, Eco-friendliness, less perilous than its alternatives and so on. It has certainly ascertained itself to be one of the most reliable and easily manageable fuels.

When using LP Gas cylinders:

1.Always ensure adequate ventilation and never use indoors or in confined spaces

2.Always read the manufacturers operating instructions for your cooking burners and table top

3.Do not connect or disconnect cylinders near a naked flame

4.Do not use LPG in windy conditions

5.Always keep cylinders cool and away from flames, sparks and heat.

6.Fill the cylinder to recommended gauge.

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