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EMOG Terminal commissions hi-tech Reachstackers

One of Nigeria’s thriving off-dock container warehousing facilities, EMOG Bonded Terminal in Ijora, Apapa, Lagos has expanded its cargo handling fleet with the acquisition of two new hi-tech reachstakers.

The container lifters, branded by SANY, are worth hundreds of millions of Naira. These additions will be a welcome development to critical stakeholders such as shipping lines, port terminal operators, licensed customs agents and logistics companies who will not only be availed the expansive 27000 square metres EMOG Terminal but at a much quicker delivery pace and efficiency made possible with the introduction of the two hi-tech reachstackers.

EMOG Terminal has recorded accelerated growth in recent times with increasing patronage by freight forwarders, customs agents, importers and exporters who are obviously delighted by these acquisitions.

According to Stephen Wang, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, EMOG Terminal’s principal motive for the acquisition is to increase efficiency, meet customers’ satisfaction and ultimately increase productivity and profitability for the company and the Nigerian maritime industry in general.

‘’We want to be the best. We want to make our customers happy by quickening cargo turnaround times and faster delivery with the application of these new cargo-handling machines. With these reachstackers, consignees are happy to get their cargo fast, shipping lines such as Cosco are happy to do quick business as we now have more capacities to load, offload and stack their containers, even at short notice, very quickly,’’ explained Stephen Wang.

Mr. Stephen Wang, Chief Operating Officer, EMOG Terminal

EMOG Terminal is registered with the Tin Can Island Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, but the good news that will delight both shipping lines and customs agents is the fact that EMOG Terminal has almost concluded the process of gaining a permit to transfer and receive Apapa Customs Command flagged containers. It is noteworthy that Apapa Port hosts the largest container terminal in West/Central Africa where renowned AP Moller-Maersk is the most visible operators.

The unique selling point of EMOG Terminal is its vibrant export trade. Strategically, and by good fortune, the terminal is located at the Ijora export-import axis, a stone throw from the Nigeria Railways Terminus and Lagos seaports. This location has, for ages, been an attraction for export undertakings where tonnage of volumes of export produce is stuffed on a daily basis. EMOG Terminal is the leader in the Ijora axis for export trade.

‘’We do a lot of stuffing for export here at EMOG, made easier by our location which is strategic and convenient for goods coming from the North, the East and other ECOWAS countries. In our terminal, we do considerable import-export substitution making full use of the large space available much to the delight of shipping companies, importers-exporters and customs agents alike,’’ noted Wang.

With the introduction of these two cargo handling machines to complement the older ones Mr. Wang disclosed that the company is more than ready to meet the challenges of ever-increasing cargo throughput to the fast-growing terminal. He said that EMOG Terminal staff have commenced two shifts work schedules with the new machines, and in due course graduate to a twenty-four hour, round the clock, operational schedule.

The SANY reachstackers have inbuilt safety gadgets for the convenience of the operators. They also have their own high incandescent lighting that makes them functional all through the night.

The machines come in two capacities. One is 10 tonnes empties handler that can go 5-6 high. The second machine is a 45-tonnes multi-directional heavy-duty handler that can equally climb 6 high.

It is indisputable that with these machines and the older ones already in operation, the 6000 TEU EMOG Terminal will become a big attraction for key maritime stakeholders especially licensed customs agents who are always under pressure of time to deliver cargo to their consignees.

EMOG Terminal also goes a step further by acting as a consultant to its increasing clientele including importers, exporters, customs agents and transporters. ‘’We facilitate logistics between importers or agents and the customs. Too often, some of our clients including agents are in the dark about certain operational issues, we come in and educate them, even link them up with the customs to sort out the hiccups. We do all of this in order to be the best and thus far we are heading there,’’ said Wang.

L-R: Mr. Nura Idris Maska, Mr. Murphy Dong, SANY staff and EMOG staff during the commissioning.

In his remarks, the elated Customs OC Terminal in-Charge of EMOG Terminal Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Mr. T.E. Domfa-Lars, commended the management of the terminal for the acquisition of the SANY reachstackers, describing it as economically worthwhile.

He said the machines would help to quicken cargo turnaround time, achieve faster and stress-free container examination by customs men. ‘’The machines will enhance the jobs, lighten the load and stress of importers, exporters and agents alike, and I am sure that more importers will flock to this place where their jobs can be quickly sorted out. On our part, we are happy as we can now meet the revenue targets much easier. Kudos to EMOG management,’’ noted Domfa-Lars.