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Clean Energy: CIG begins Mass Sale of Electric Vehicles

By Adaobi Rhema Oguejiofor

As the world is pushing towards net zero, clean energy sources are rapidly revolutionizing every sector including the motoring sector, propelling a shift away from traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, thereby reducing the environmental impact of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from the motoring sector.

In line with this, Choice International Group (CIG) Motors Company Limited, one of the leading automobile marketing and assembling companies in Nigeria, has started the distribution and sale of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in commercial quantity in Nigeria. By this development, CIG Motors has become the first automobile company to start the sales and marketing of Electric Vehicles, which are major clean energy transportation systems, in commercial quantity in the country.

The General Manager of Marketing for CIG Motors, Mr. Jubril Arogundade, disclosed this, while noting that the company has already delivered about 30 units of the electric vehicles to customers in Lagos, with an additional order to deliver another 300 units to a customer in Abuja for Electronic hailing (e-hailing) business.

Arogundade said that the development is the company’s way of contributing its quota to safeguarding the Nigerian environment as the cars do not contaminate the environment with toxicity like combustion engines. He noted further that the cars come with charging kits that enable customers to charge their vehicles from the comfort of their homes. The cars can be charged to full capacity within 35 minutes and they can deliver amazing power, as well as comfort with low running cost.

According to him, for a start, only three models of the vehicle are available in Nigeria and they include Bingo, Macaron and Yep. He said that the Wuling Macaron is a compact car, which is fashionable with a luxurious interior, adding that despite its compact nature, the Macaron is powerful and has a good turning radius. It also comes with airbags and strong steel body frame, as well as assures of low travel cost.

The standard features in the Macaron are outstanding. It has a remote key and central control lock, electric power steering, economic/spot mode, air-conditioning system and reverse camera. The safety features include an Anti-lock Braking System plus Electronic Brake force Distribution (ABS+EBD) automatic unlocking upon collusion, and automatic locking while in motion.

The Wuling Bingo is also a compact vehicle, which is quite pretty and comes in many beautiful colours with features like the Macaron and more. It comes with four doors, which makes it easy for passengers to go in and out of it.

The Yep vehicle on the other hand is a small SUV that is also beautiful and unique. It has all the features of both the Bingo and Macaron plus Sport Utility powers. It comes in three doors with its square box appearance. It also has a raised platform, which makes it a perfect car for Nigerian roads. Also like the Bingo and Macaron the Yep vehicle is equipped with front Mcpherson independent suspension, a rear three-link integrated axle suspension. The driving type is rear engine, rear drive, and the steering is powered by electricity, among other features.

Comfort and convenience are never lacking in the Yep as it is a compact SUV with advanced matte interior trim, ultra large narrow side 10.25-inch dual screen multi-function steering wheel, height adjustable steering wheel, steering wheel leather coating, and leather seats, among others.

The Wuling vehicles distributed by CIG Motors have, therefore, gone several steps ahead of the Hyundai Kona/ SUV and Jet Mover EVs that were produced in small quantities and yet to go into full commercial sales in Nigeria.

CIG Motors is the official representative of Guangzhou Automobile Company (GAC) Limited Motors in Nigeria. GAC Motors has become a household name with models like GAC3, GAC4, GAC5, and GAC8, which are available in Saloons and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs). However, CIG is testing the Electric market with the Wuling Brands with models like Macaron, Bingo and Yep.

Electric Vehicles have immense benefits that make them very desirable and efficient. Among such benefits is that Electric Vehicles bring about reduced emissions as they produce zero tailpipe emissions and offer a quiet, smooth driving experience, thereby significantly contributing to cleaner air and a reduced carbon footprint.

Electric Vehicles are also energy efficient when compared to vehicles that use gasoline engines and this leads to lower energy consumption and potentially lower running costs. They also have a higher level of performance by offering impressive acceleration and circulatory force as a result of their inherent characteristics.

With this new sale and distribution of Electric Vehicles in commercial quantity, Nigeria is well on its way to joining the rest of the world in achieving the goal of attaining Net-Zero by 2060.