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AEC Applauds Trident Energy’s Chevron, TotalEnergies Partnership

NJ Ayuk

By Patience Chat Moses 

The African Energy Chamber has applauded Trident Energy’s recent agreements with Chevron and TotalEnergies, which are poised to mark a significant advancement for the Republic of Congo in the development of its oil resources.

Trident Energy secured the agreement with Chevron and TotalEnergies to obtain stakes in the Republic of Congo’s oil fields, a statement issued by AEC revealed.

The deal with Chevron involves acquiring Chevron Overseas (Congo), granting Trident access to key oil fields including a 31.5% non-operated working interest in the Moho-Bilondo, Nkossa and Nsoko II fields, along with a 15.75% operated interest in the Lianzi field.

In the TotalEnergies deal, Trident Energy aims to expand its ownership in the Nkossa and Nsoko II fields by 53.5%, while also divesting 10% of its interest in the Moho-Bilondo field to the French oil major.

Pending approval, the transactions are expected to finalize by the end of Q4 2024. Upon completion, Trident Energy will hold an 85% working interest in the Nkossa and Nsoko II fields, a 15.75% working interest in the Lianzi field and retain a 21.5% working interest in the Moho-Bilondo field, further cementing its position as a key player in Africa’s energy landscape.

According to the Executive Secretary of AEC, Engr. NJ Ayuk, these agreements highlight Trident’s commitment to sustainable energy development and strategic partnerships in the region, adding that by assuming operational control of vital oil fields, Trident Energy demonstrates its dedication to operational excellence and responsible resource management.

Ayuk noted that these agreements not only consolidate Trident Energy’s position in Africa but also signifies a milestone for the Republic of Congo’s energy landscape as the company enters into collaboration with new partners, including state-owned SNPC and the Congolese Government. 

AEC further commended the government of the Republic of Congo and its national oil company SNPC for cultivating these partnerships, which are crucial for developing the country’s oil resources and driving sustainable economic growth within the region.

“Trident Energy’s strategic entry into the Republic of Congo signifies a pivotal moment for the country’s energy sector and underscores the immense potential of collaboration between industry players and government entities.

 This transformative deal not only strengthens Trident Energy’s footprint in Africa but also highlights the opportunities for sustainable development and economic growth within the region,” Ayuk stated. 

With proven crude oil reserves totaling 1.8 billion barrels, the Republic of Congo is well-positioned to capitalize on its abundant resources for economic advancement. 

Trident Energy’s recent agreements and acquisitions, alongside the country’s substantial oil production capacity, signify a promising path for resource utilization.

As development efforts progress, there is potential for heightened production, job generation and enhanced economic stability.

 With prudent management and strategic collaborations, the Republic of Congo can effectively harness its oil wealth to foster sustainable growth and prosperity.

Building on its continued successes in Equatorial Guinea, Trident Energy anticipates unlocking further value and creating opportunities for its partners in the Republic of Congo, host communities and all stakeholders.