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1st October: Reminiscences of Nigeria’s Independence

By Aisha Saleh

First October is celebrated every year to mark independence from British rule in 1960. It is a special day for Nigerians to celebrate the end of colonial rule that culminated into self rule. On every first day of October, the President addresses the nation which is broadcast on radio and television stations nationwide. Other entertainment activities take place on that day as it’s officially observed as a public holiday. It is amazing to see school children participate in a special parade and holding small hand flags of green-white-green singing the national anthem and other patriotic poems. Though the country is dealing with enormous challenges ranging from the activities of separatists, terrorists and bandits, yet there are significant number of citizens who still cherish the oneness of the country and celebrate the independence day.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world and  It’s  among the most powerful countries in Africa, with unlimited human resources and enermous natural resources including crude oil, coal, zinc, semi-precious stones, gold etc. Nigeria is a spectacular natural endowment with captivating destinations and home to one of the largest film industries on the globe as well as vibrant musical industry dominating the global airwaves. Nigeria is blessed with more than 370 ethnic groups and 500 spoken languages. Nigerians are known for their boldness, and creativity. This can be seen in field such as sports, literary world, music, arts, culture.

Nigerians in diaspora are mostly professionals contributing to the success of countries such as USA, France and UK in the field of medicine, engineering and ICT.

Below are some of the attributes that make Nigeria unique and different:

• Festivals:

Nigeria’s festivals are usually very colourful and entertaining with rich cultural heritage of the people showcased through masquerades displays, colourful attire, cultural dances, observation of religious rites such as Osun Festival from the southern part, Ofala Festival from the eastern part while Argungu Fishing Festival from the northern part of the country.

• Food:

Comprised of age-old recipes and techniques from hundreds of different ethnic groups, Nigerian food is packed with so many different colors, flavors, and ingredients, that’s why Nigerian cuisine is a feast that everyone loves to have a taste especially the popular Jollof Rice which has gone international.

• Music:

Nigerian music is one of the most acceptable music in the world today be it cultural or art music, The feel in music varied from community to community since Nigeria has diverse communities but Afrobeat is the most populous genre being consumed in Nigeria and exported to the world.

• Heritage site:

Even with all sorts of negative stories, lots of people never stop talking about how amazing their experiences were in the citation of some of the places they visited in the country like the waterfalls, game reserves, Heritage sites etc.

First October events you don’t want to miss.

• Poetry:

Spoken words Inna yard, Poetry yard 2022,

Location: Retro City, 29a Gafari Animashaun Street Victoria Island, Lagos

Fee: Free

Time: 2pm

The Independence Poetry Showcase

Location: No 2 Mombolo Close off Sultan Abubakar Way, Machima Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja

Fee: free

Time: 3-7pm

• Stage Play

“The Future Is Here”

The stage play is about a nation on a journey to self discovery.

Location: NAF Conference Center, Kado Abuja.

Fee: Free

Time: 3-6pm

• Arts:

Handshake Art Exhibition & Painting

Group of 11 artists to showcase their artwork and painting.

Location: National Museum, Onikan Lagos

Fee: Free

Time: open at any time from 1st -7th October

Wear & Tell Children’s Cultural Day

Fee: N700 including books, snacks, drinks, games, dance & colouring.

Location: Art Tech District, 7 Hambari Crescent Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse 2 Abuja

Fee: Free

Time: 2-5pm

Silent Cinema @ Screen Spot

Fee: N800

Location: Art Tech District, 7 Hambari Crescent Ademola Adetokunbo Wuse 2 Abuja

Time: 5-6pm & 7-8:30pm

Lagos Freedom Fest 2022

Fee: Free

Location: Freedom Park, Lagos

Time: 5pm.