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Ogoni youths begin dialogue to resume oil extraction in Ogoniland

Oil Spill

The National Youth Council of Ogoni People (NYCOP) said they have begun the process of multi-stakeholder negotiations on the resumption of oil extraction in Ogoniland.

The group disclosed this during a mega rally organised in support of the “Ogoni Economic Rebirth Project” held in Bori, Khana Local Government Area, Rivers State.

According to them, the Ogoni Economic Rebirth Project throws up unique opportunities for the Ogoni indigenous exploration and production company that will collaborate with financial and technical partners of great repute to secure the lease to operate the assets within the Ogoni oil fields.

The group, in a statement signed by its President and Secretary General, Barinuazor Emmanuel and Fred Mene Elijah respectively, and 10 others, said it was time for Ogoni to join the comity of nations to enjoy its natural deposit.

Emmanuel noted that stakeholders should rally around to make hay while the sun shines, arguing that the modern world is already shifting away from dependence on oil and gas to renewable energy.

He said: “We cannot be sitting on a pot of gold while we continue to die in hunger.”


He explained that the Ogoni Economic Rebirth Project is a matter of the moment, saying that Ogoni has risen to avail herself of the wealth-creating opportunities offered by the Nigerian Oil and Gas Content Development Act, 2010 (Local Content Act, 2010) and further upheld by the Petroleum Industry Act 2021(PIA 2021).

He said: “Ogoni people are very peaceful and law-abiding people, and our entire vision will be pursued from the engagement stage to the actualization stage, within the ambit of the law.

“We call on all well-meaning Ogoni sons and daughters to open their minds and shun every deceitful ploy by commercial activists and visionless high-grade racketeers who would often parade under the toga of leaders.”

Oil extraction stopped was halted in Ogoniland in Rivers State in 1993 due to increasing local and international protests, which prompted Shell to suspend production in Ogoniland.

On January 4, 1993, about 300,000 Ogoni people protested against Shell and oil pollution reports say.

SOURCE: Guardian Nigieria